Newbie Help

Sep 29, 2008 at 5:41 PM
So I was looking for a better way of supporting AD and SQL user accounts and stubled across this!

First question I guess is. Will this work for WSS 3.0 SP1. I dont have the full MOSS product available ?

If the answer to that is NO then ignore the rest of this post !

Ok I ran the Installer and all seemed to install fine on WSS3 however I seem to be having a few issues browsing users. When I go to add a user and click on the user browser I get an error abut not enough server storage to carry out the request. I do seem to be able to add an SQL user by just typing in the correct name and an email is sent out the the email address retrieved from the sql DB but the user is nto able to log in.

I am a bit of a newb as far as Sharepoint goes so if theres anything I can do to debug futher then I am all ears.

Thanks for Listening